10 Reasons why fibreglass pools are better

  1. QUICK INSTALLATION 4 to 5 days Traditional pool 6 to 8 weeks Less mess less stress
  2. QUALITY CONTROL Pools are made under strict quality control Not by weather or human control
  3. EASY FOR DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) you can do in 4 to 5 days and save heaps $$$$$$$$$$$$
  4. NO COSTLY MAINTENANCE no  costly tile replacement No costly  regrouting
  5. LOW MAINTENANCE just vacuum
  6. LOW RUNNING COSTS SAVE $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Non Porious finish  No huge acid / alkalinity surges due to leaching of the concrete
  8. SALT WATER COMPATIBLE Science will tell you Salt Water is abrasive to Concrete Pools but Fibreglass Pools Inert finish perfect for Salt Water Pools
  9. LESS COAT IN THE LONG RUN Fiberglass Pools cost much the same Initially But no costly on going tile replacement or regrouting
  10. BUILT TO LAST, MOST FIBERGLASS POOLS CONE WITH 30 Year structural guarantee or longer 

Try asking for that guarantee with a traditional pool ask for a 10 year guarantee see how you go